How to install NXT-OS

  1. Download and install Rainmeter from
  2. Download NXT-OS from here
  3. Open the NXT-OS.rmskin file that you downloaded

Make sure the "Load Included Skins" check box remains checked and press the "Install" Button.

Click the blue continue button on the installer and answer the questions on screen.

Once you have gone through the installer click "Finish" to go to the NXT-OS desktop.

If the insaller did not appear after pressing the install button it is possible that you did not leave the "Load Included Skins" checkbox checked. Try running the rmskin file again to see if the issue persists. If you are still haveing this problem it is possible that you already have NXT-OS installed on your machine. To fix this issue you can delete both the "NXT-OS" and "NXT-OS Data" folders in your Rainmeter skins folder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move NXT-OS to another monitor?

Yes. Open settings then go to displays. You can move Overlay, Lock Screen, and Notifications by choosing another monitor in "Main Monitor" dropdown. If you want to move the NXT-OS desktop use the "Move desktop skins to" drop down.

How do I change my weather location?

Open setting then go to Locale and click the "Search For Code" button and search for your city. Select your code from the list and then click "Select".

How do I check for new updates?

Open the Update Center from Overlay Launcher or Scout. After the skin is open let it check for updates. You can use this skin to check for both Rainmeter and NXT-OS updates. If the new version of NXT-OS avaialble requires a new version of Rainmeter the Updater will prompt you to update Rainmeter first. If for what ever rease the updater is unable to help you update NXT-OS you can vist the downloads page on this site and just download the latest version.

How do I get to the settings menu?

There are many ways to get to the settings menus in NXT-OS. You can open it from Overlay Launcher or Scout, but settings menus can be accessed by right-clicking a skin and choosing the settings option from the context menu.

I added more than three icons to my Dock. How do I see them?

If there are more than three icons added to your dock you can scroll through them using your scroll wheel or scroll geasture on your trackpad.

If I update to a new verions of NXT-OS will my settings be lost?

In short no. NXT-OS has a lot of extra code in it that is designed around handeling the update process and ensuring that user settings do not change. With that said, it is possible that some settings can be lost if a feature is removed or replaced.

Why does nothing happen when I click "browse" in NXT-OS?

If nothing happens when you click the browse button then there is a high possibility that the NXT-OS "System" skin is not running. Check to make sure that NXT-OS\System\System.ini is loaded. If system is loaded but still nothing happens then it is advised to reinstall NXT-OS.

Why does Overlay launcher have nothing in it?

If Overlay cannot find anything then it is possible that Scout has not completed an index of your system. You can check Scout's status by opening Scout settings and then click the "Indexer Status" button. Try clicking the "Rebuild Index" button and let Scout rescan your machine. If it still does not work make sure that the desired directories to scan are set in the Scout settings window. If none of these steps work contact us.