Q: I am having issues with Dash, Desktop Settings, Drawer, all being the wrong size or giving me messages about a skin not being loaded...

A: Please see this reddit post

Q: I havent set a password on NXT-OS, what is the default password?

A: There isn't a password set by default, so leave the password blank, and press enter.

Q: How do I see my other dock icons?

A: You can use your mouse wheel to scroll through the dock!

Q: How do I get to the settings menu?

A: Click the menu button (the one with three lines) in the top bar, then click settings in Drawer. You can also right click the Dock, Top Bar, Clock, or GameDrawer and open settings from there.

Q: Why do my settings change back when I click out of a text box?

A: You must press "Enter" to commit your changes.

Q: Why does rainmeter crash on startup after opening game drawer?

A: This is a bug in Windows 10, just run the NXT-OS installer again to fix the problem.

Q: Are my passwords stored in plain text?

A: No, NXT-OS encrypts your passwords. This makes it difficult for someone to find out what your password is, even if they have access to the passwords file.

Q: How do I configure the visualizer's "auto" mode?

A: Open settings, then go to visualizer. Type the name of the program that you want to trigger the visualizer. This is the name of the application as it appears in task manager. IE: chrome

Q: How do I check for new updates?

A: Click the menu button (the one with three lines) in the top bar, then click Updates in Drawer.

Q: Can I move NXT-OS to another monitor?

A: Open setting then go to displays. You can move Dashboard, Lock Screen, and Notifications by choosing another monitor in "Main Monitor" dropdown. If you want to move the NXT-OS desktop use the "Move desktop skins to" drop down.

Q: Can I use the Windows lock screen instead of the NXT-OS one?

A: Open setting then go to lock screen and switch off the switch named "Enable NXT-OS Lock Screen"

Q: Can I hide the menu button for Drawer?

A: Open setting then go to Drawer and then switch off "Show Drawer Button". You can still open Drawer from the top bar quick controls when you do this.

Q: How do I change my weather location?

A: Open setting then go to Locale and click the "Search For Code" button and search for your city. Select your code from the list and then click "Select".